How To Know When You’ve Got The Right Mentor

A great deal of leadership is leading others but a big part we often miss out on is being led ourselves by someone a little older and wiser. As leaders when we have mentors of our own we are challenging our own selves to grow while challenging others to grow. The leaders that don’t haveContinue reading “How To Know When You’ve Got The Right Mentor”

3 Steps To Leadership Growth

Leadership is not supposed to be easy. Let’s face it, if it were everyone would be a leader but that’s not how leadership works. Being a successful leader is committing to growth and change. If a leader has no growth than there is a stall and then follows a fall. As a leader you cannotContinue reading “3 Steps To Leadership Growth”

2 Skills A Leader Has

A leader must have many qualities and traits that define them as a leader. But their are a couple key elements that I think make up the character of an exceptional leader. The exceptional leader has these 2 traits that they do well and because of it, they experience growth in their church or business.Continue reading “2 Skills A Leader Has”

2 Ways To Elevate Your Leadership

The past couple of weeks have been a crazy journey in my life. God has literally taken me out of everything I was comfortable with and placed me into a whole new culture or as frontier airlines says, “A whole new animal.” Iv’e gotten to meet some incredible people on this journey so far andContinue reading “2 Ways To Elevate Your Leadership”

2 Steps To Growing That You’re Not Doing

We all go through seasons where we aren’t disciplined like we should be or taking steps that we know we should take. There is a guy in the bible named Jonah and he went through a short season where he didn’t take steps to growth like he should have. Jonah had this plant that wouldn’t grow and he wasContinue reading “2 Steps To Growing That You’re Not Doing”

Asking For Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Most people think that asking for help is a sign of weakness when actually it is a sign of boldness. The truth is that people want to help but if you don’t ask them for help then everyone will think that you are doing great on your own or that they are not needed. Not reaching outContinue reading “Asking For Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness”

Patience In Leadership

A leader has unique qualities that enable him or her to equip people with the ability to carry out the vision that the leader has. One quality that is an undeniable quality of a leader is patience.  There is a man in the bible named Joshua that accomplished a great victory and he had the quality of being patient which allowedContinue reading “Patience In Leadership”