How To Know When You’ve Got The Right Mentor

A great deal of leadership is leading others but a big part we often miss out on is being led ourselves by someone a little older and wiser. As leaders when we have mentors of our own we are challenging our own selves to grow while challenging others to grow. The leaders that don’t have mentors are not going to be leaders very long.

Having a mentor is crucial and it’s something that every leader needs. Your mentor is someone who you can run to with questions, for help growing and help navigating challenges in life. Think of a having a mentor like having a coach in baseball or football. The coach only wants the team to win so they’ll do whatever it takes to help the team become better. That is what a mentor’s job is, to train so the leader can go back and pour into their followers.

What’s The Big Deal About Having A Mentor?

The bible teaches us a ton about having a mentor and how important it is to be increasing in knowledge. One of my favorite verse about having a mentor is a verse that is found in proverbs which says:

“A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.” (Proverbs 1:5)

The wise man hears and increases and the people of understanding seek counsel. A wise and understanding person knows that they will not get to far without a personal mentor.

How You Know When You Have The Right Mentor

Here is when people go wrong. It can be detrimental if you get a hold of the wrong mentor and it can lead you places that you don’t want to find yourself. The right mentor will lead you in a way that makes you so uncomfortable and challenges you so much that you’re forced to grow out of what is ordinary to you.

Being uncomfortable is a sign of growth

I once worked at Walmart several years ago and when I first started I worked as an inventory management person. Which meant I worked in the back room doing picks which means if something is needed on the sales floor I go get it no questions asked.

I had a supervisor who I consider a great mentor and his name is Vot. Vot knew that I hated going in the freezer to do picks. First of all, it was so cold in there my hands would go numb and I straight up hated it! Vot knew I hated it to! One night Vot told me to do the picks in the freezer and I was mad but I did them anyway because I trusted Vot. I thought “I won’t have to do this again so it’s ok” but boy was I wrong. For the next four nights Vot made me do all of the picks in the freezer.

During those four days I was stretched and made upset and uncomfortable. Vot knew the entire time I hated it but still made me to do it because he knew my potential. After doing those picks for four days I had it down and it didn’t bother me as bad as it did before. Vot knew that if I was going to grow then I needed to overcome my hate doing those freezer picks. Vot enabled me to shatter a barrier I didn’t think I could shatter.

Mentors propel us to shatter barriers

I thanked Vot for his mentorship and because Vot stretched me, I was much better off and I was made into a better leader. Vot wasn’t afraid to tell me when I was wrong and he certainly wasn’t afraid to stretch me and he only did it so I would grow. I will forever be thankful for Vot and his willingness to do that for me. Having a mentor like this is gamechanging. Get one that stretches you, that challenges you and that’s more concerned with your growth than they are about being your friend.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. If you’ve got one of these mentors than keep going at it and do whatever theys say because the know what’s best. If you don’t have one of these seek out one or comment and let me know and I will do whatever it takes to find you one or help you myself. Thank you! The best is yet to come!


  • Do you have a mentor that stretches you?
  • Does your mentor make you laugh or make you grow?
  • What ways can you identify growth areas in your life?
  • Ask your mentor to speak more into you






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