Why Keeping Prayer Journals Is A Great Thing

When I first started following Jesus I began learning what it looked like to communicate with Jesus. I learned that he actually wants to talk to me and guide me in life. The more I followed after Jesus I began praying prayers and writing them down after someone encouraged me to get a journal. WritingContinue reading “Why Keeping Prayer Journals Is A Great Thing”

Sunset Flight In The Cessna 150!

I realized the other day that, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a post about flying so here we go! Recently I started flying a new type of airplane for me which is awesome, I love to learn about new airplanes. This new airplane type is a Cessna 150! The Cessna 150 is aContinue reading “Sunset Flight In The Cessna 150!”

How To Face The Facts While Still Trusting God

Life is full of decisions. Some of these decisions are shoot the breeze easy kind of decisions while some are more difficult and heartfelt. Facing the facts of our choices in life is not easy and I don’t think anyone would ever say that it is. It’s extremely difficult to sit down and think aboutContinue reading “How To Face The Facts While Still Trusting God”

The Love Is In The Details

When we are excited about something that’s coming up in the future what do we naturally do? We mark it on the calendar, we start planning for it either in our budget or by telling others. No matter it is we are planning, it requires details. If it’s baking a cake for someone, we measureContinue reading “The Love Is In The Details”

The Most Holy Place

In the book Ezekiel of the Old Testament, we find that God gives instructions on how to build what’s called the Temple. This Temple is important because it’s where God was worshipped by his people. There were different parts of the temple that had different meanings and significances. There was a place where the peopleContinue reading “The Most Holy Place”

Top 4 Books I Read This Year

This past year I had some GREAT books on my list and I learned so much! I’m excited to share these books with you and I hope you get as much out of them as I have. It was hard choosing only 4 because I got my hands some great ones this year but I’veContinue reading “Top 4 Books I Read This Year”

The Best Moments Often Happen In The Quiet

If you know anything about me, you know I love flying airplanes. It’s a huge passion of mine and I love crafting my skills in aviation. There’s something unique about being in the sky cruising thousands of feet above the earth… it’s breathtaking and I’m in awe just about every time I go. This lastContinue reading “The Best Moments Often Happen In The Quiet”

God Of Restoration – Starts And Ends

Welcome to week 5th and final week of the restoration series! I want to thank you for reading these articles the past several weeks as they have been personal because I’ve been living them the past year or so. I hope they’ve been a blessing to you and I hope this last one will helpContinue reading “God Of Restoration – Starts And Ends”

God Of Restoration – Egypt

Egypt signifies a place of slavery and slavery is nothing more than being in bondage to something. Whatever your Egypt is, it’s got you held captive. Egypt is the absence of freedom. I had an Egypt, I’m sure you had one as well or may even be in an Egypt. If you feel like there’sContinue reading “God Of Restoration – Egypt”