How To Overcome Feeling Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation or a season coming to an end where you had no idea on what to do next or what was even coming next? Where you your emotions were running wild because you couldn’t see how everything would just seemingly fall into place. This is not a fun placeContinue reading “How To Overcome Feeling Stuck”

3 Steps To Leadership Growth

Leadership is not supposed to be easy. Let’s face it, if it were everyone would be a leader but that’s not how leadership works. Being a successful leader is committing to growth and change. If a leader has no growth than there is a stall and then follows a fall. As a leader you cannotContinue reading “3 Steps To Leadership Growth”

What To Do After You Get Saved

If you’re reading this maybe you have been to easter services over this past weekend and maybe Jesus wrecked you and you were saved for the very first time. If that is you I am so happy you are reading this! Or maybe you thought you were saved for over a decade but you foundContinue reading “What To Do After You Get Saved”

How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless

Staying faithful is hard! It’s harder than sticking to a diet that we planned out, it’s harder than staying within a budget, it’s harder than not getting angry in traffic (because who doesn’t) and it’s harder than mostly anything we could think of. But doesn’t seem easier to be faithless? It takes no effort toContinue reading “How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless”

Could My Job Be Considered Ministry?

Have you ever thought about the ways you are doing ministry at your current job? You may be doing ministry every single day and not even realize it. The definition of ministry is this: “the act of serving.” So if you have a job, then techinacally you have opportunities to serve someone every time youContinue reading “Could My Job Be Considered Ministry?”

2 Steps To Growing That You’re Not Doing

We all go through seasons where we aren’t disciplined like we should be or taking steps that we know we should take. There is a guy in the bible named Jonah and he went through a short season where he didn’t take steps to growth like he should have. Jonah had this plant that wouldn’t grow and he wasContinue reading “2 Steps To Growing That You’re Not Doing”

How I Overcame The Fear Of Taking My Next Step

Everyone has a next step to take in their walk with Jesus. Sometimes we are afraid to take that step that’s seems so scary in the moment when it is actually the best thing we could do. Jesus recently laid on my heart a next step to take and I didn’t want to take theContinue reading “How I Overcame The Fear Of Taking My Next Step”