When Will The Chaos In My Life Stop?

Recently one morning I had some stuff to do that was scheduled but I was feeling a bit of doubt deep down inside because I had been praying for something that hadn’t happened yet. I felt this way and wanted to stay home honestly but I had things to do so I left and whileContinue reading “When Will The Chaos In My Life Stop?”

Why God Is About To Do Something New In Your Life

Do you want something new to happen in your life? Something fresh that has never happened before but you can’t see a way for anything new right now? In the scripture God says to us that he wants to do a new thing in our lives but not just one new thing or two newContinue reading “Why God Is About To Do Something New In Your Life”

How God Used The TSA To Get My Attention

We could all agree that having a run in with the TSA doesn’t mean you’re about to have a great day! This was my thought as I arrived at the TSA checkpoint inside of GSP Airport in South Carolina on the way to see my family. The TSA is a federal agency in the USContinue reading “How God Used The TSA To Get My Attention”

How To Overcome Feeling Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation or a season coming to an end where you had no idea on what to do next or what was even coming next? Where you your emotions were running wild because you couldn’t see how everything would just seemingly fall into place. This is not a fun placeContinue reading “How To Overcome Feeling Stuck”

How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless

Staying faithful is hard! It’s harder than sticking to a diet that we planned out, it’s harder than staying within a budget, it’s harder than not getting angry in traffic (because who doesn’t) and it’s harder than mostly anything we could think of. But doesn’t seem easier to be faithless? It takes no effort toContinue reading “How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless”

Hope In The Midst Of Doubt

Last summer I was offered a job that was going to allow me to experience life-change. I was offered a job to travel to Savannah, GA on a mission trip that would allow me to minister to teens from all across the country. This was the first job that I ever had. Excited and thrilledContinue reading “Hope In The Midst Of Doubt”