When Your Faith Doesn’t Match What God Wants To Do

What is something that you want to see God do in your life that He has has never done before? That’s a question I often ask myself time and time again. Each time I ask myself that question though, I’m always tempted to think “why would God do this for me?” Have you ever beenContinue reading “When Your Faith Doesn’t Match What God Wants To Do”

Why God Is About To Do Something New In Your Life

Do you want something new to happen in your life? Something fresh that has never happened before but you can’t see a way for anything new right now? In the scripture God says to us that he wants to do a new thing in our lives but not just one new thing or two newContinue reading “Why God Is About To Do Something New In Your Life”

Why The Engine Light Is Good

We’ve all had times where we’ve been driving down the road and all of a sudden we have that one light that comes on and we usually respond by saying something like “Dang now I’ve got to get that fixed!” unless you’re like this one guy I met once and when I asked him whatContinue reading “Why The Engine Light Is Good”

Hope In The Midst Of Doubt

Last summer I was offered a job that was going to allow me to experience life-change. I was offered a job to travel to Savannah, GA on a mission trip that would allow me to minister to teens from all across the country. This was the first job that I ever had. Excited and thrilledContinue reading “Hope In The Midst Of Doubt”