What To Do When You Get Bad News

I’ve asked people and I can’t find a single person that told me “I love receiving bad news.” No one likes getting told something bad because it’s not fun and sometimes can be hurtful. If you are reading this and you love getting bad news… well…. good for you! The rest of us need someContinue reading “What To Do When You Get Bad News”

When Will The Chaos In My Life Stop?

Recently one morning I had some stuff to do that was scheduled but I was feeling a bit of doubt deep down inside because I had been praying for something that hadn’t happened yet. I felt this way and wanted to stay home honestly but I had things to do so I left and whileContinue reading “When Will The Chaos In My Life Stop?”

How To Have Peace, Hope And Joy During Covid-19

The coronavirus has changed the way we live our daily lives and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Our schedules have changed, our priorities have shifted, we’ve got more time to ourselves, with the family and we’ve been introduced to this new concept called social distancing. When change is sudden like thisContinue reading “How To Have Peace, Hope And Joy During Covid-19”

Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher

Field to throne is for the person that feels like they have no purpose. Like they aren’t being pursued by God anymore and like God isn’t with them. Field to throne is a seed of hope for you. All to often we think “God isn’t using me” or “God isn’t in this place” when thoseContinue reading “Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher”

How God Wants To Simply Provide For You

God can do anything! Whether that’s providing for a big financial blessing or maybe providing gas to fill up the car. God can provide for us in many ways also in simple ways that we don’t even think about. Often it’s not that “God won’t provide” it’s that we won’t ask. Maybe you need thatContinue reading “How God Wants To Simply Provide For You”