God Of Restoration – As You Find Me

This is a series of articles that I’m calling “God of restoration” and it’s about a season that I just endured that I want to share with you. It’s probably the most personal I’ve ever gotten on my blog that I can remember although I’ve been very personal in almost all of my articles andContinue reading “God Of Restoration – As You Find Me”

2 Things To Do When You Want To Overreact

The other day I was at the gas station filling up my car with gas when something happened that caused me to go into a panic. My car all of a sudden wouldn’t start! If you’ve had this happen, you know it’s one of the worst feelings you could ever have. I tried everything forContinue reading “2 Things To Do When You Want To Overreact”

Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher

Field to throne is for the person that feels like they have no purpose. Like they aren’t being pursued by God anymore and like God isn’t with them. Field to throne is a seed of hope for you. All to often we think “God isn’t using me” or “God isn’t in this place” when thoseContinue reading “Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher”

2 Things Jesus Wants Us To Believe

Jesus is able. I have often repeated that three word sentence over and over in my head because I know that my God is able to do anything. Do you believe it? I have been thinking about this particular article for several months now and I really do think that Jesus has two things thatContinue reading “2 Things Jesus Wants Us To Believe”

How To Overcome Feeling Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation or a season coming to an end where you had no idea on what to do next or what was even coming next? Where you your emotions were running wild because you couldn’t see how everything would just seemingly fall into place. This is not a fun placeContinue reading “How To Overcome Feeling Stuck”

2 Skills A Leader Has

A leader must have many qualities and traits that define them as a leader. But their are a couple key elements that I think make up the character of an exceptional leader. The exceptional leader has these 2 traits that they do well and because of it, they experience growth in their church or business.Continue reading “2 Skills A Leader Has”

2 Lies We Believe After We Sin

So you find yourself messing up after going about a week from doing “it” again. No matter what you just can’t seem to stop doing “it” and you feel so bad.  Maybe your mess is watching porn, looking at pictures or maybe something like lying. Whatever your mess is know that it’s ok to notContinue reading “2 Lies We Believe After We Sin”