1st Step After We Sin

Have you ever thought, “I am about to make a huge mess and it’s not going to be pretty.” But because you want to do it you go ahead and do that sin anyway! Iv’e been in this boat plenty of times and if you’re honest, so have you. We have all sinned and there is no hiding that but I think the real question is “What is the first thing I should do after I sin?”

What God Says

Don’t you feel like God says, “Ok don’t do that” but we just go and do it anyway? The answer to that question should be a big fat YES!

I used to work at Wal-Mart which could be pretty fun sometimes but busy too. One night I was pulling a cart full of chemicals (which is laundry detergent etc.) out to the sales floor and everyone knows you have to pull the cart out the door and not push it. In fact my supervisor named Vot looked at me and said, “Bryant you need to pull that cart onto the sales floor because if you push it onto the sales floor it’s going to flip over!”

Just like Vot warned me not to push the cart out on to the sales floor God warns us and prompts us not to sin. God does that in a very loving way the same way Vot told me to pull it so I wouldn’t get hurt in the long run. After all, God is trying to protect us from guilt and hurt.

What We Say

We often go around thinking, “No God, it’s ok if I do this because I won’t mess up and sin” when in reality we sin every single time. Your answer to that better be a big fat YES to!

Well I decided to push the cart out onto the sales floor instead of pulling it and when I did… things did not look good for me.

Have you ever thought in your head, I am about to make a mess… That is how I was thinking at that moment. I pulled the cart out and the chemicals spilled everywhere. I mean they spilled everywhere!!!

They created such a drastic mess that i thought I would be fired immediately. There was a puddle of chemicals on the ground that was the size of an entire aisle. I could only think of one thing to do in the moment… I had no clue how to begin cleaning up a mess so huge!

1st Step After Sin

Have you ever felt this way? Like you created a mess so huge and you didn’t know how to clean it up? Maybe it was that one night you went out drinking or maybe it was that one financial mistake. I didn’t know how to clean up my mess. I did the only thing I thought of, go straight to my supervisor.

My supervisor at the time was a very nice guy, he was a man of character, honesty and loyalty. I ran to Vot and screamed “Vot…Vot…I spilled chemicals come quick!” Vot ran quickly and he saw the mess, and started cleaning. Just like Vot helped me clean up my mess, God cleans up our mess. Just like I ran to Vot, we can run to God.

Going to God is 1st step we should take after we sin. We should say “God I’m sorry and please forgive me, heal my heart so I won’t fall into this sin again.” That is what our attitude should be toward God after we sin.

God wants us to go up to him just like I went up to Vot and admitted my mistake, God wants that to. God won’t be waiting there mad at us, he’ll be waiting there with love and guidance.

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23)


  • What sin am I giving in to?
  • What can I tell God about my sin?

Tell God what you did and if you need to talk to someone I am always here to talk to. I hope you enjoyed this article!

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