2 Dangers Of The Internet

It’s easy to think that the internet is a safe place because there are good things on it or the fact that we don’t ever visit more than one website. At times the internet is deceiving and it may be dangerous to us when we don’t even realize it. There are things that appeal our eyes and urge us to indulge in them, things that are harmful to our mental and even physical health.

Using the internet is good but if we aren’t aware of these two dangers then we’ll often fall into the trap of them. These two dangers help us better understand the internet and it makes us aware of things that we might not have been aware of before.

2 Most Important Dangers

  1. Temptation

We can all agree that fighting temptation on the internet is hard! When you think of temptation on the internet most of us think of porn. While pornography is among the biggest temptations it goes way beyond that! There are shopping temptations, alcohol temptations and we can fill in the blank.

There are endless amounts of temptations that seek to indulge us but we have the power to say no.

How To Fight Temptation

One of the biggest ways that I have personally fought temptation is locking down my phone. One day I gave a very good friend of mine my cell phone and I told him put pass codes on it that only you know that blocks certain websites. My friend did this and what happens is, if I try to type the pass code to many times to get past it my phone will automatically wipe itself clean and shut down! It makes me think twice about short-term gratification.

Long term consequences are not worth short-term gratification.

Maybe you can fight the temptation the same way! Have a good friend set up pass codes on your phone, tablet or laptop to where you can’t view certain websites. For example, if you’re tempted to buy things online all the time then set up a pass code that blocks your device from accessing that certain site! It works and believe me it’s so worth it!

2. False Identification

A big problem about the internet is that it’s loaded with pictures of people partying, with slim bodies, with money, fancy houses and perfect lives. We were not created to adore other people and idolize living a life that we don’t have.

It’s super easy to want find our identity in those things that we see online. For example, when we see a picture of someone with a toned body and we aren’t toned we think, “I’ll always be like this.” when in reality that’s not true if we work to change! Say you are bombarded by pictures of fancy houses and you say to yourself, “I will never be able to live in a house like that because I’ll always be poor.” If you say you’ll always be poor then you will always be poor! We’ve got the power to make changes!

How To Fight False Identification

Fighting false identification is difficult but the best way to do it is by replacing it with the truth. There is only place to find real truth and it is found in God’s word. It’s greater than any lie, it’s the guidebook to following God!

Biblical truth outweighs worldly lies

What the bible says about us is what is fact. Not what we say in our head or not what the internet says we are.

God says we are loved by him and that he exalts us. We’re God’s prized possessions! Here is one of my favorite uplifting verses that I like to remind myself:

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. (Zephaniah 3:17)


  • How are you using the internet?
  • How does it control you?
  • What needs to change?

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