Breaking Free From Routines

We all have things that we do the same way every single day and these are called our routines. Whether you agree or disagree on how much of a routine you have we can all agree on a couple of things about routines. For example, I’m willing to bet that you brush your teeth atContinue reading “Breaking Free From Routines”

1 Thing We Can Learn From Chik-Fil-A

My favorite place to eat is hands down chick-fil-a! I love getting to go and get a #1 with a sweet tea because they have amazing chicken sandwiches and the best sweet tea! Some good sweet tea is hard to find if you’re from the south you can back me up on that!  Every timeContinue reading “1 Thing We Can Learn From Chik-Fil-A”

1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Grey’s Anatomy 

I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for over nine months now and I can honestly say that it is a decent show. I know it might not be a “christian” show but neither are all of the songs on our playlists. I was watching a particular episode a couple of weeks ago and it movedContinue reading “1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Grey’s Anatomy “

1 Thing We Can Learn From Ronda Rousey

Everyone knows who Ronda Rousey is because she is an amazing fighter. I guarantee you that I wouldn’t mess with her and if you’re honest neither would you! She is most famous for winning twelve matches in a row and not losing for a pretty long time. We could all agree that twelve matches inContinue reading “1 Thing We Can Learn From Ronda Rousey”

2 Dangers Of The Internet

It’s easy to think that the internet is a safe place because there are good things on it or the fact that we don’t ever visit more than one website. At times the internet is deceiving and it may be dangerous to us when we don’t even realize it. There are things that appeal ourContinue reading “2 Dangers Of The Internet”

1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Texas Roadhouse

A lot of people say “Church and business should not mix” but I don’t think that is true. In fact I know that their are some awesome things that the church of today can learn from successful businesses. The other day I was sitting in my office working on a couple of things and aContinue reading “1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Texas Roadhouse”

So You Got Rejected…Now What?

Rejection is like an infection of feeling disqualified. It’s heart breaking. Leaving us with thoughts of, “Am I good enough?” or “I just don’t live up the standards of everyone else.” Those thoughts captivate us and we sit and replay them in our head over and over until we can make some sort of senseContinue reading “So You Got Rejected…Now What?”

How To Tell If You’re In Love

Is love even real? Can I really love someone? I think that in today’s world the word love is over-used and we don’t understand how powerful love really is. To say that you love someone means that you care about them no matter what, it means that you’ll choose to serve them no matter howContinue reading “How To Tell If You’re In Love”