1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Texas Roadhouse

A lot of people say “Church and business should not mix” but I don’t think that is true. In fact I know that their are some awesome things that the church of today can learn from successful businesses.

The other day I was sitting in my office working on a couple of things and a good friend of mine came in and said, “Would you like to go and grab something to eat with me?” My response was well I don’t know and they replied, “I’ll buy it” and I said ok let’s go!!!

So there we were riding down the street and we had a good many of choices but when asked I said, “Let’s go to Texas Roadhouse!” Who doesn’t love that place right? I think they have the BEST rolls!! We got there, parked the car and walked up to the door and immediately was greeted.

Did you catch that? We were immediately greeted. Now I don’t know about you but it’s getting harder to find placed where people greet you at the door these days. Quality customer service is becoming rare!

The Game Changer

It was amazing at the presentation of this place! A staff opened the door for us and right when we walked in the door there was another staff who was just standing there asking everyone how their day was going. After that another staff took us to our seat!

I thought my goodness we’ve already been greeted by three staff members and we have not even sat down yet! We finally get to our table and sit down and it wasn’t 15 seconds and someone came over and took our drink orders. That was staff number 4 that took our drinks and as soon as they walked away the manager himself came over and said, “How are we doing tonight and how can I serve you?”

I looked at my friend and said, “We have been here less than 2 minutes and 5 people have already came up to us asking how we were or how could they serve us.

I though this was spectacular and I had another thought, shouldn’t it be this way when we walk into church? After all, the church is the best place to be!!

When we walk into church there should be excitement and people waiting to serve everyone just like at Texas Roadhouse and honestly should be better than Texas Roadhouse!

Just like when I left Texas Roadhouse that night I should leave church feeling like people served me and that I was cared for. I believe the church should have the best leaders and the best service in the world. Not apple, not Walmart, not Texas Roadhouse but the church. Because in 100 years those companies won’t even be around but the church will be here still changing lives.


  • How can I make my church inviting?
  • Who is a warm happy person volunteering?
  • How can I get that person to greet?

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