2 Things To Do Before You Quit

The other day I was at the gym and I was lifting weights doing bench press. Now I had 135lbs on the bar and that’s a lot of freaking weight! But before I lifted that bar, I made it up in my head that I am doing 10 reps before I set it down. I made the pre-decision to not quit before I even attempted to lift the weight.

I picked it up and the first 4 were nothing. It felt like I was lifting two small rocks. Then I hit number 5. Halfway through it I wanted to quit because it was hard! At number 5 I wanted to quit and throw in the towel. At number 5 two small rocks became two large boulders!!! Just because the weight was heavy does that mean I should have quit?

Have you ever wanted to quit?  I feel like in life we want to do that all of the time. Just quit because it’s hard and throw in the towel but quitting doesn’t solve anything. In fact, if we quit now we will quit later. We won’t be able to persevere because we will continue to think it is ok to quit when things get hard.

During work when a project is hard we think, “Man this is hard can I just quit and be finished!” Or at school when the work is hard, “It doesn’t matter if I quit because this material is so difficult to learn.” Maybe even you got turned down at a job you had applied for and thought, “I’m just going to give up and stop looking and getting my hopes up.”

It’s easy to quit! It’s easy to get discouraged! But the godly thing to do is say “I’m not giving up! I’m one step closer to my yes, I can learn this material and pass it, I can complete this project and excel at it.”

Quitting now = quitting later

Two Steps To Take To Not Throw In The Towel:

1. Make a pre-desicion to not quit
If we make a pre-determined desicion in our minds to finish something than we are more likely to not give up and persevere. Remember this, quitting now = quitting later!!

2. Stay focused on the results more than the process
When we focus on the results and how much better off we will be once we are finished we will strive to achieve those results.

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