2 Ways To Elevate Your Leadership

The past couple of weeks have been a crazy journey in my life. God has literally taken me out of everything I was comfortable with and placed me into a whole new culture or as frontier airlines says, “A whole new animal.” Iv’e gotten to meet some incredible people on this journey so far and I have also been able to work in the local church the past several weeks and in a business culture as well. These two keys that I am about to tell you work in business, church and anywhere else a person has influence. There are many things that a great leader does to contribute to the success of their church or organization. Having the knowledge of what the top keys are is essential.

A couple of day ago I preached a messaged about what it looks like to apply scripture to your life. After you do a message or a service it is crucial that you do one key thing:

  1. Celebrate Wins

Celebrating wins will thrust your organization forward! I don’t mean throw a massive thousand dollar party or go eat at an expensive restaurant but I mean give the win recognition for what it is. When I finished preaching my message the other day, I had several guys on the team come up to me and say, “Wow that was good!” and I am telling you we were able to celebrate the win.

Celebrating wins compels your team to strive for wins.

2. Recognize Failure

Refusing to recognize failure will ultimately lead to the destruction of you and your team. Failure is a good thing! It’s not meant to be bad and set us back. Failure is meant for us to see ways we can make things great. I have always said, If you are not failing than you are not learning. A couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday night there was a lack of communication. We have small groups after our service on Wednesday’s and it is crucial that we communicate what will be talked about i small groups. This particular Wednesday we didn’t talk about what we wanted to be discussed in small groups and we quickly realized it when we got to small, groups. We ended up getting there and no one knew what the heck to say because we didn’t plan it out.

I learned this while in leadership school at NSLC:

Proper prior planning prevents piss poor results.

I am a firm believer in planning because when we refuse to plan we are refusing to win. Planning means striving for great results and I will always be a planner because I know planning is what it takes to get a win. Our team realized we had failed so we improved our communication so it won’t happen again. We identified the failure and made it better. See, failure is a great thing because it gives you a lens to see what you couldn’t see before.

I really do believe that if you put these two keys into play at your office, your work or wherever you have influence you will see a win happen! Because these keys work! I have seen them work in my life and in many other lives as well.

If this article helped you or you need prayer, help or encouragement, please email me I would to do the best I can to help. The best is yet to come!

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