Breaking Free From Routines

We all have things that we do the same way every single day and these are called our routines. Whether you agree or disagree on how much of a routine you have we can all agree on a couple of things about routines.

For example, I’m willing to bet that you brush your teeth at the exact same time, the exact same way and with the same toothpaste every single day. Also I bet you drive the same way home and to work everyday!

We all have those things that we do the same every single day but what we all need is a change from our routine.

A Routine Without Change

We can only stay in a routine for so long before we get in a place of “Is this even worth it anymore?” or “I’m not having as much fun doing this as I used to.”

You might be saying “that’s never happened to me!” and you may be right. For some of us we need a lot of breaks from our routine and for some you only need a break every 3 years. It’s different for everyone and no matter who you are we all need a break from the grind.

How To Make The Change

I’ve discovered that I can’t go a month without doing something different from my regular routine. I’ve got to do something different that challenges me to think differently.

When I say doing something differently I’m not talking about going to the beach every month. I’m not even talking about making going to a new state every month or spending lots of money every month. What I’m talking about is inserting simple breaks from the daily routine.

To make it practical, if you are like me you enjoy running. I like to go run almost every day but if I’m not careful I’ll get tired of going running because it’s the same things every day. To break this up, I go to a local park every now and then and run.

If your routine is to sit at a desk all day one way to break up the day is to go for a short walk during your lunch break or maybe insert some music into your workday. If your routine is to do physical labor take a rest and relax, maybe get a good book or pick up a new playlist.

Finding ways to break the routine doesn’t have to be elaborate it only has to be effective. It can look different for everyone but doing this will set you up for success in your thinking, habits and overall joy. If we don’t break our routine it’ll break us.

If we don’t break our routine it’ll break us

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” (Proverbs 12:25)

That verse in proverbs is talking about how anxiety will cause us to get weighed down and it’ll only take something kind to cheer it up. In the same way, our routines can cause us to get weighed down and get anxious. As we insert good breaks from our routines into our life we’ll see and experience that we will become more joyful, encouraged and ready to keep going.

I hope you can find a way to break your routine and insert something new. You’ll find out that breaking out of your routine will help see things differently and help you to think more positive.

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