2 Skills A Leader Has

A leader must have many qualities and traits that define them as a leader. But their are a couple key elements that I think make up the character of an exceptional leader. The exceptional leader has these 2 traits that they do well and because of it, they experience growth in their church or business.

1. Delegate

Refusing to delegate is refusing to grow

Let’s say Bob is the executive of a construction company, Bob tries to do everything on his own from answering phone calls, scheduling calendar events, ordering supplies, leading meetings and even hiring new staff members. Bob must be a pretty stressed out guy right?

Think about this, if Bob had volunteers or coordinators to delegate and handle different task to than his stress level would go down and Bob would have more time to focus on other things.

How To Delegate

Who is that one person that displays that they are hungry for more? Who is that one volunteer that you think would do an amazing job? Select that person and hand them one simple task and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be something big, for example, if you work in an office setting maybe hand off making copies to someone. If you work in a janitorial environment, hand off one bathroom and see how well they do.

2. Train

If a leader doesn’t train then they won’t gain.

I think this is the largest leadership mistake made that I have ever seen. One reason is because we always get caught up in thinking, “I don’t need to train someone to do a job that I am good at.” When in reality when we train people it now has the potential to go from good to great.

Training someone to do your job and then letting them make it great will propel your church or business to the next level.

How To Train 

Training someone is not meant to be a hard task. For example if you’re the janitor that I used as an example wanting to hand off a bathroom, simply show them how you clean a bathroom but leave them empowered letting them feel like they can make changes. Training someone is not about training them to keep the task the exact same, training someone is about showing them how to do the task and trusting them to do it better.


  • What can I delegate to someone?
  • Who can I delegate to and train up?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and if I can ever help you in any way feel free to leave a comment and reach out to me!

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