Top 4 Books I’ve Read This Year

Howdy! I think reading is great especially when you get challenged by what you read. These books have challenged me in my personal leadership and I know they will challenge you to! Through these books I know you’ll come up with new ideas and also realize what needs to change. I believe if you’ll read these books you’ll be in awesome shape in your leadership. 

The Most Excellent Way To Lead

Author: Perry Noble

This is Perry Noble’s latest book and it gives practical steps on how to be the best leader possible. It talks about how without love the leader isn’t a leader. To me, love is everything so that’s why I like this book so much!

Good To Great

Author: Jim Collins

Good to great is perfect for the leader who feels like they’re missing one or two steps from taking the organization over the top. This book will surely give you ideas and show you what you might need to change. 

Leaders Who Last

Author: Dave Kraft

Leaders who last is one of those books that focuses on information that’s easy to implement. It doesn’t give you big ideas and leave you wondering how to do it. This book is also huge on teaching how to develop new leaders which is very important! Overall the book will teach how to outlast others in leadership! 

The Heart Of Leadership

Author: Mark Miller

I wasn’t planning on reading this book this year but God had other plans didn’t he! This book will cause you to open your heart and examine it to see if you have the right heart to be leading your people. Don’t worry, this book won’t tell you’re bad and that’s all! It’ll tell you how to fix what’s wrong and how to have the best heart a leader can have. 

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