Top 4 Books I Read This Year

This past year I had some GREAT books on my list and I learned so much! I’m excited to share these books with you and I hope you get as much out of them as I have. It was hard choosing only 4 because I got my hands some great ones this year but I’veContinue reading “Top 4 Books I Read This Year”

How To Identify A Coach Over A Critic

Every person on the planet lives in what’s called survival mode. Meaning that whatever we interact with during the day we filter it through survival mode. While doing this, we don’t realize it but we default to thinking or listening to whoever is pointning out the worst in us. We all do this – butContinue reading “How To Identify A Coach Over A Critic”

Coach vs Critic

Often we get caught in a trap of listening to a critic more than we listen to a coach. There are qualities that separate the two and hopefully by identifying these two qualities you’ll be better equipped to choose what voice you’ll listen to. Critic A critic will be quick to point out all theContinue reading “Coach vs Critic”