1 Thing We Can Learn From Ronda Rousey

Everyone knows who Ronda Rousey is because she is an amazing fighter. I guarantee you that I wouldn’t mess with her and if you’re honest neither would you! She is most famous for winning twelve matches in a row and not losing for a pretty long time. We could all agree that twelve matches inContinue reading “1 Thing We Can Learn From Ronda Rousey”

How To Overcome Feeling Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation or a season coming to an end where you had no idea on what to do next or what was even coming next? Where you your emotions were running wild because you couldn’t see how everything would just seemingly fall into place. This is not a fun placeContinue reading “How To Overcome Feeling Stuck”

What To Do After You Get Saved

If you’re reading this maybe you have been to easter services over this past weekend and maybe Jesus wrecked you and you were saved for the very first time. If that is you I am so happy you are reading this! Or maybe you thought you were saved for over a decade but you foundContinue reading “What To Do After You Get Saved”

2 Dangers Of The Internet

It’s easy to think that the internet is a safe place because there are good things on it or the fact that we don’t ever visit more than one website. At times the internet is deceiving and it may be dangerous to us when we don’t even realize it. There are things that appeal ourContinue reading “2 Dangers Of The Internet”

If It’s God’s Will It’s God’s Bill

Have you ever felt like God wanted you to take a next step but you were worried that you didn’t have the money to pay for it? Maybe God told you to take a trip overseas and be a missionary. Maybe God told you to plant a church or maybe God said to give someoneContinue reading “If It’s God’s Will It’s God’s Bill”

How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless

Staying faithful is hard! It’s harder than sticking to a diet that we planned out, it’s harder than staying within a budget, it’s harder than not getting angry in traffic (because who doesn’t) and it’s harder than mostly anything we could think of. But doesn’t seem easier to be faithless? It takes no effort toContinue reading “How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless”

1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Texas Roadhouse

A lot of people say “Church and business should not mix” but I don’t think that is true. In fact I know that their are some awesome things that the church of today can learn from successful businesses. The other day I was sitting in my office working on a couple of things and aContinue reading “1 Thing The Church Can Learn From Texas Roadhouse”

2 Lies We Believe After We Sin

So you find yourself messing up after going about a week from doing “it” again. No matter what you just can’t seem to stop doing “it” and you feel so bad.  Maybe your mess is watching porn, looking at pictures or maybe something like lying. Whatever your mess is know that it’s ok to notContinue reading “2 Lies We Believe After We Sin”