Why God Is About To Do Something New In Your Life

Do you want something new to happen in your life? Something fresh that has never happened before but you can’t see a way for anything new right now? In the scripture God says to us that he wants to do a new thing in our lives but not just one new thing or two newContinue reading “Why God Is About To Do Something New In Your Life”

How To Have Peace, Hope And Joy During Covid-19

The coronavirus has changed the way we live our daily lives and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Our schedules have changed, our priorities have shifted, we’ve got more time to ourselves, with the family and we’ve been introduced to this new concept called social distancing. When change is sudden like thisContinue reading “How To Have Peace, Hope And Joy During Covid-19”

How A Mormon Changed My Faith

I was sitting on my couch enjoying my day off when all of a sudden I hear three firm knocks on my front door. Like you, I wondered who it could be and I had a thought that went like “someone is about to get me!” Like a mouse I quietly rose from the couchContinue reading “How A Mormon Changed My Faith”

How God Used The TSA To Get My Attention

We could all agree that having a run in with the TSA doesn’t mean you’re about to have a great day! This was my thought as I arrived at the TSA checkpoint inside of GSP Airport in South Carolina on the way to see my family. The TSA is a federal agency in the USContinue reading “How God Used The TSA To Get My Attention”

Surrender = Satisfaction

Recently I was at a local tag office and while I was waiting I couldn’t help but overhear the song that was playing over the speakers. It caught my attention because it’s exactly how a lot of people feel right now in this world. The lyrics went like this:  “Is there anything left in thisContinue reading “Surrender = Satisfaction”

Breaking Free From Routines

We all have things that we do the same way every single day and these are called our routines. Whether you agree or disagree on how much of a routine you have we can all agree on a couple of things about routines. For example, I’m willing to bet that you brush your teeth atContinue reading “Breaking Free From Routines”

Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher

Field to throne is for the person that feels like they have no purpose. Like they aren’t being pursued by God anymore and like God isn’t with them. Field to throne is a seed of hope for you. All to often we think “God isn’t using me” or “God isn’t in this place” when thoseContinue reading “Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher”

Simple Ways Anyone Can Serve

Have you ever thought about how we could serve someone in need everyday? Serving seems like it has to be done at a big event or a planned event for example a Sunday church service or a concert etc. While serving is done in those places we can serve in various parts of our livesContinue reading “Simple Ways Anyone Can Serve”