Something To Be Thankful For…

This time of year is the perfect time to remember the things that you are thankful for. Whether we know it or not, we have so many things to be thankful for.

There’s a song I love and listen to all the time called “Remembrance” by Hillsong Worship. It just gets me everytime I listen to it because in the middle of the song the lyrics repeat this line over and over… “You’ve been so so good to me, oh to think where I would be if not for you.”

This song reminds me of all God has done in my life and overhwlmes me with gratefulness. I told Allison the other day that I thought about every good thing I have in my life and I honestly cannot name one good thing that God hasn’t had a hand in… I just can’t do it.

My list:

I’m thankful that I’m a child of the most high God, I’m thankful I have Allison aka princess 🙂 , I’m thankful God gave me a bible college to attend after I was saved, I’m thankful for my friends that love me, my home group, my parents, my car, my shoes, the church, my pilot license and every other thing that I can think of. Every good thing I have on my list has come from God. He ‘s taken care of me and it makes me tear up thinking about it.

You know… we often think of God like someone who’s far off but He’s not like that. We are his children and He loves us. He wants to take care of us and provide for us.

I’ve noticed in my own life that when I pause and take time to remember the things that I’m thankful for that I have more peace in my heart and a grateful heart is perfect fertile soil that God can use to do something good.

When the peace of Christ rules in our hearts, thankfulness overflows. Even in the darkest of times, we can praise God for his love, his sovereignty, and his promise to be near us when we call (Psalm 145:18)

So how about you?

What do you have that you can be thankful for? A husband? A wife? A boyfriend or girlfriend? Food in the fridge? Shoes in the closet? A church you love to attend? Friends and family that are good to you?

I encourage you to make a list of things right now of things that you have that you can be thankful for. Thank God for all He’s done in your life and the times that He’s intervened for you. He’s been good to you, let Him know how appreciative you are for that and all the gifts He’s given you. Go and listen to that song “Remembrance and just spend a few minutes making your list, I promise it’s worth the time 🙂

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