4 Things That Help Me Get The Most Out Of My Week

Recently I had a week where I accomplished a lot, I felt good physically, I was sharp mentally and overall I just felt REALLY good. So I got to thinking about what I did that week and the previous week that made me feel so good… what did I do that allowed me to be on my best performance???

Have you ever had those weeks? Or days? When you’re just feeling great and accomplishing a lot. Times when you feel confident and like there’s nothing you couldn’t do that week!

After the weeks that I described above, I sat down and came up with 4 things I had been consistent with that gave me that best performance week. Before I give you these 4 things that I do… I wanted to let you in on something. I’m not the best at this, but I really do try hard. I’ve just identified what I have to be doing in order for me to get the most done… what keeps me in my best shape both mentally and physically. I believe these 4 things can work for you as well… let’s dive in!

4 Things I do to get the most out of my week

1. Quiet time everyday

It’s RARE if I miss a quiet time. I have one every single day. It’s my time to get alone and spend time with my heavenly father. The time where I express my worries and anxieties, the time where He reminds me I’m loved and valuable. The time where I run to be filled up.

Allison will tell you if you were to ask her about this… she can tell a difference in my attitude when I don’t have my quiet time. I’m quicker to anger, I’m not as hopeful and I’m not as patient.

When I get my time with Jesus it just puts me in a place where nothing else matters to me but pleases my creator. I surrender everything to Him in my quiet time daily. He reminds me of what’s important in life and how much He’s taking care of me. I literally get a touch of heaven and I can feel the Holy Spirit awaken in me when I have my quiet time. It’s like the fruit of the spirit love, joy, peace patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control come alive… it’s impossible to not have these things when you are spending time with the father and the holy spirit. These qualities are what the Holy Spirit is and it’s what you’ll get in return.

Do you have a quiet time? What does it look like? I know life gets busy… I know. But you’ve got to find 5 minutes to get alone with Jesus and let Him fill you up.

2. Quality time with Allison

I LOVE ALLISON SO MUCH… SERIOUSLY! We’ve been together for 4 years and been married for almost 3 of those. Spending quality time with her during the week is something I cherish. It gives me the butterflies and I love seeing her smile and be happy. It fills me up as well.

This looks different from time to time. We have to be super intentional about it. We watch shows on tv together (we’re currently watching This Is Us), we go on walks together, we go to the park and hang out, we’ll go play tennis, we’ll sing worship songs or play video games together. Those are just some of the things we do to hang out with each other but it doesn’t matter so much the activity as it does the time. My time with Allison doesn’t have to cost $400 every time we do something… it just has to be intentional quality times, that’s it.

Who are you spending quality time and how does that relationship make you feel? Are you intentional about it? I have to say this… who you spend your time with means everything. If you spend the bulk of your time with a negative minded person don’t be surprised if you become unhappy like them.

3. Exercise/run multiple times a week

For me, I’ve learned when I am running mutliple times a week it makes a whole different person. Typically I’ll go try and run a half mile or a full mile but getting in that activity is important to me.

I’ll usually try and go run 3 times a week wither it’s at the gym or outside at the park or by where I live. There’s not much more I love than putting in my headphones, cranking up some worship music as loud as it will go and then running!

I don’t know the science behind it… maybe you could comment below and tell me, but all I know is I’m sharper mentally, more driven and focused when I get my running time in during the week.

What type of physical activity do you get during the week? What does it look like and how long does it last?

4. Worship

Lastly is worship. For me this looks like playing worship music when I’m at home or working on my computer. I love having worship music playing and reminding mkyself all day I’m created to serve not be served. I’m loved, I’m valued and I’ve got something to offer for the kindgom of God.

When was the last time you listened to worship music when you weren’t at church? At church sometimes it’s “let’s get through this song so we can hear the sermon and go home” but when you are on your own you get to pick the song and sing it how you want. It’s beautiful. Do you listen to worship music? If so, what songs? Comment them below!


This post was not meant to make anyone feel bad or to elevate me in ANY WAY. I hope you’ve read something you can start doing or do more of if you are already doing them. I believe even if you start doing just one of these things (hopefully the quiet time) that you’ll be able to see a difference in how your days and weeks go. What does your weekly routine look like? What fills you up? Let me know below! Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “4 Things That Help Me Get The Most Out Of My Week

  1. Thank you for sharing! I believe quiet time is so important. I have been actively working to incorporate daily meditation, as I find myself trying to stay constantly busy, and I have noticed how powerful those moments of stillness are. I really am trying to be more intentional about my time spent in stillness. Blessings!


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