Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher

Field to throne is for the person that feels like they have no purpose. Like they aren’t being pursued by God anymore and like God isn’t with them. Field to throne is a seed of hope for you. All to often we think “God isn’t using me” or “God isn’t in this place” when thoseContinue reading “Field To Throne – How God Wants To Take You Higher”

Do You Have A Wild Spirit?

A wild spirit is someone who isn’t afraid to take a risk. Isn’t afraid to try something new or do something bold for God. A wild spirit is not something that’s easy to be in fact it’s probably the hardest thing we could possibly do. Why? Because when we are operating as a wild spiritContinue reading “Do You Have A Wild Spirit?”

How God Wants To Simply Provide For You

God can do anything! Whether that’s providing for a big financial blessing or maybe providing gas to fill up the car. God can provide for us in many ways also in simple ways that we don’t even think about. Often it’s not that “God won’t provide” it’s that we won’t ask. Maybe you need thatContinue reading “How God Wants To Simply Provide For You”

Believing Is The Key To The Blessing

Howdy! This article will give everyone an update on my life and how Jesus is working in me and through me. By reading this I hope that you will be challenged to grow in faith but be encouraged at the same time. This past May I was faced with a decision, one that was veryContinue reading “Believing Is The Key To The Blessing”