Simple Ways Anyone Can Serve

Have you ever thought about how we could serve someone in need everyday? Serving seems like it has to be done at a big event or a planned event for example a Sunday church service or a concert etc.

While serving is done in those places we can serve in various parts of our lives as well. It doesn’t have to be done in an elaborate setting or way. Serving someone in need can simply be done by meeting a need no matter how big or small the need is.

Recently I was at a Dunkin’ Donuts reading a book and I noticed that this elderly couple had been standing at the table next to me for a couple minutes trying to fix something. After I saw them struggling with what looked like a garage opener I went over and asked, “Is it fixing or not wanting to?” and they replied, “nope and we can’t figure it out.”

So I kindly asked not forcing myself onto them “Would you mind if I took a look at it?” and they said “Of course you can!” Now I’m no expert in fixing garage openers and if you know me well… you know that’s true! Anyway I took this garage opener and I quickly figured out what was wrong! They were trying to put the back peace on backwards the whole time and I simply flipped it around and it snapped back in place! I was a magician!

The couple thanked me for what I did and then went on about their day and right after they left I couldn’t help but think about all the opportunities that we come across in life to help someone in a simple way but what do we do, we keep walking, we let the door close, we stay closed-minded, we let them pick it up themselves and say “They can get their own gas.” I’m not hating on anyone because I’m guilty of it to but what if we took time to notice the needs around us that we could meet.

Again it doesn’t have to be some elaborate event to be considered serving. Serving is about is someone meeting a need big or small and hopefully with the right heart!

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:10)

I encourage you to seek out ways to be good to people. To step in and say, “let me help you with that” or “let me hold that door for you.” Serving goes miles farther than we can comprehend and it changes people. Look for that door that needs to be held open, look for that person who needs help pumping or paying for their gas and look for the person who can’t bend over and pick up the newspaper.

I believe that serving is one of the best ways that we can show others Jesus. Here’s one more thought, are you the kind of person that gets scared at the thought of verbally sharing the gospel with someone? You can do it through your actions of serving! Serve like you’re a preacher preaching on Easter and see if they don’t ask you why you love to serve and boom there’s your open door!


  • What way can you serve someone today?
  • Is there a need that you constantly see that you can help with?


I hope I was able to cast some light on the importance of serving for you today.  If I can ever help you feel free to reach out.


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