The Root Beer Or The Water?

Recently it was about 10pm one night and I just could not stop thinking about how awesome some ice cream would be!

I thrirsted for some cold ice cream to make me feel good and be happy. I had the bright idea to go and get a root beer float! Who doesn’t like those?

I went to sonic to get my root beer float and I was so dang thirsty that my mouth felt so dry. Ever felt like that? Where you just wanted something so bad?

I finally made it up to the window and I got a root beer float and a small water.

Emptiness Replaced With Holiness

After I got the two drink I had to try my root beer float first. It was awesome and it tasted so great!! But things changed after drank some of the water.

It seems as if the water quenched a thirst that my root beer float made worse.

The water was what I really needed and the root beer float was what I thought I needed.

Real Life Situations 

How often does it seem that we fill our lives with things that only Jesus is meant to fill. We have an urge or feeling that if only we can attain something it’ll make it feel complete and hole.

It could be a job we really want, it could be a certain number of likes and views or maybe it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend.

“for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” (‭‭Psalm‬ ‭107:9‬) ‭

The Bible tells us that Jesus will satisfy our thirst when we chase after him. When we call on him to fill out void with the gospel is when we’ll began to see those voids disappear.


Chasing after Jesus and asking him to fill a void we have is not easy but it can be done. 
Whatever void you are trying to fill simply ask Jesus to replace it with the gospel. You can pray something like this, 

“Jesus, interrupt my life and fill my emptiness with your holiness. Remove this thirst fill my void with your gospel.”

A prayer like that is a good way to start and after that being intentional is how you follow through. 

Intentional as in repeating that prayer and trying to stop doing whatever it is you are tempted to fill that void with. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If I can ever help or pray for you shoot me an email or comment. 

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