The Art Of Discipline

Being disciplined is something I think deep down all of us really want to be. We all have the intent of being disciplined but we don’t always follow through on the intent. We want to be disciplined in what we eat but we slip up and eat 10 mini brownies that we shouldn’t have evenContinue reading “The Art Of Discipline”

How To Have The Best Year Ever

Let’s face it, 2020 was a year that most of us would not mind forgetting! As we begin this new year we are thankful for new opportunities and are for the most part, excited to turn the calendar. How can we get the most out of this year? What can we do to make sureContinue reading “How To Have The Best Year Ever”

Patience In Leadership

A leader has unique qualities that enable him or her to equip people with the ability to carry out the vision that the leader has. One quality that is an undeniable quality of a leader is patience.  There is a man in the bible named Joshua that accomplished a great victory and he had the quality of being patient which allowedContinue reading “Patience In Leadership”