Faith That’s Built To Last

When building a house the builders are careful when they lay the foundation because that’s what holds the house in place. The builders are also careful when they start laying down the bricks, putting up the walls, creating the rooms and eventually placing the roof on top. It’s a meticulous job that if not done intentionally, the house will fall.

We are building a house in our lives as well except for us, we have two choices: A life built on ourselves or one built with Jesus at the center.

It’s tempting to allow our emotions, what we see in the world, what our friends who aren’t following Jesus are doing, and our flesh to build the house. It’s tempting because we want things of the world – likes, hearts, cars, beautiful home and an awesome family. Those things are good, but they are not God no matter how badly we want them. When we choose to build and center our around chasing all of those things what happens is we won’t be built to last and our joy in life won’t come from Jesus, instead from what we have.

Unless The Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. (Psalm 127:1)


What are you building your life around? What are your motives like? What are your thoughts like? Are they all self centered and self serving? What are you chasing in life? Truthfully, what are you building?

This may mean letting go of social media for a while, it may mean asking Jesus to give you a heart for people, it may mean intentionally shifting your focus from what you can get to how you can bless others. Maybe for you it just means making your quiet time a priority and let Jesus speak to you.

Take small steps to build your life on Jesus as the source of your joy, satisfaction and comfort.

  • What next step are you going to take to build your life around Jesus?
  • Who can you reach out and talk about this for encouragement and accountability?

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