Sunset Flight In The Cessna 150!

I realized the other day that, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a post about flying so here we go! Recently I started flying a new type of airplane for me which is awesome, I love to learn about new airplanes. This new airplane type is a Cessna 150!

The Cessna 150 is a basic trainer aircraft and is great for people looking to step into aviation. The 150 is a small two-seat airplane that’s a ton of fun to fly! So one Sunday afternoon when I got home from church, I noticed how beautiful it was outside so I took this 150 up for the second time, she’s been fun to fly!

As you can see it was late afternoon heading into the evening and the air was super smooth! I leveled off at about 4,000ft for this flight and enjoyed a nice view.

After flying around for a bit and enjoying the views it was time to go back and make a smooth landing – Allison recently bought me a Ram Mount that is great for capturing footage in the airplane – I got the landing from the flight on video. When the video starts the airplane is on what’s called the base leg. You’ll see me make a left turn and line up for the final approach.

The bright white lights to the left of the runway help determine if you are making a good approach. Ideally, you want to see two white lights and two red lights. I nailed it just before touchdown, check it out! 🙂

After the landing see if you can catch me saying “beautiful landing!” It is really satisfying to me completing a nice landing 🙂

It was so much fun getting to go up and enjoy the smooth ride and sunset. Here are a couple more pictures – the left one is an app I use called Flight Radar and you can see our bread crumb trail of where we’ve flown as well as the other airplanes by me. This app comes in handy for sure! Thanks for flying!

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