God Of Restoration – Starts And Ends

Welcome to week 5th and final week of the restoration series! I want to thank you for reading these articles the past several weeks as they have been personal because I’ve been living them the past year or so. I hope they’ve been a blessing to you and I hope this last one will help you see how Jesus wants to be your every good thing.

How Jesus is my every good thing

This season of restoration has caused me to be in awe and wonder of God. It’s caused me to believe God can do bigger things than I sometimes think he can. It’s made me see more than anything that God STILL cares about me way more than I thought he did.

It’s made me remember all the things God has done in my life up to now. I’ve thought about all the godly people God has brought in my life, all the amazing opportunities I’ve had. All the ways God has provided for me over the years. ALL of it, everything in my life can be summed up in this one sentence:

Everything I have in my life that has been good whether in the past or present has ALL come from God. Literally, every good thing I have in my life is from him. Without God, I am worthless… I truly am. That’s a good thing 🙂

I use that language of worthless because he’s my identity. I’m rooted and founded in him. All of my desires, wants, needs all go through him. Even my greatest purpose in life is from him, he’s who I live for (other than Allison 🙂 ).

He’s been an amazing Father to me and I’m not saying life has been a cakewalk with God but what I am saying is this. Ever since I was saved and began a relationship with Jesus in September 2013 God has somehow always shown up, taken care of me, and put the right people in my life. He’s also always given me what I needed in the season I was in.

It just about makes me cry to think he cares that much about me when I haven’t done anything to deserve that type of love. Can you see now why I call him my every good thing? David, the man after God’s own heart talks about using this language in scripture as well:

I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” (Psalm 16:2)

It’s only by his grace David was where he was in life. Killing Goliath, becoming the king, and being a warrior in the army. David knew it was all from God. He couldn’t take credit for anything!

I feel the same way. It’s only by his grace I have the friends I have, it’s only by his grace I am filled with joy, it’s only by his love and provision I am where I am in life.

If Jesus cares about me this much then I know for a fact, he cares about you! He’s got amazing plans for your life – he wants to be your every good thing.

Jesus wants to be your forgiveness, your peace, your joy, your wonder, your redeemer, your hope, your life, your provider, and your sustainer. He wants to take care of you just as a good loving father wants to.

I’ve been following Jesus for 8 years now I haven’t regretted one single day of following him. I’ve never met someone who said they regret following Jesus either. Jesus wants to give you life to the fullest. He wants to do immeasurably more in you than all you can ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20)


If you’ve been following Jesus for some time now I challenge you with this application: Get a blank sheet of paper and make a list of all the good things you have in life. Call it your blessings list. Doing this will help you see how God has been working through all of it. Every relationship, every opportunity, everything.

If you’ve longed for God to be your every good thing I’ve got news for you, it’s not too late. You can live life to the fullest trusting in God to not only be your savior but your loving Father who will be your every good thing.

If you haven’t been listening to the songs through this series I’m telling you, don’t skip this one! This song is so powerful! Listen all the way to the end 🙂


“Jesus I want you to be my every good thing. Jesus change me from the inside out. Invade my life and make me whole. I accept you as my savior. I depend on you for my joy, my rest, my peace and to be my provider. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings you’ve blessed me with. Thank you for being the loving Father you are even though I don’t deserve it. Thank you. Amen.”

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